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Gladewater Knife Company in Gladewater, Texas is a family-owned business providing fixed and folded blades as well as a complete line of custom-made cutlery. During our time in business, we've built a solid reputation as a provider of fine handcrafted products in Gladewater.

One of the most rewarding aspects of ownership of a hand-made knife in East Texas is the pride you take in its continued use. The reliability of a custom knife from Gladewater Knife Co. will show with each use, and will prove itself over a lifetime of trustworthy service. The value of your investment in a fine, custom-crafted blade compared to a mass-production knife cannot be overstated.

We are an authorized Cold Steel and Anza knife dealer, selling beautiful hand-crafted knives for home use, professional use, and sport.

If you have questions about our products or services, contact us today at 903-399-8157 or through our Facebook page.