Gladewater Knife

General Knife Questions:

What types of knives do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of knives to suit your needs, including:

What are the different materials used in knife blades and handles?

Most makers use high-quality materials in their knives to ensure durability and performance. Common blade materials include:

    • Stainless Steel (known for its strength and corrosion resistance)
    • Damascus Steel (beautiful patterns and potential for superior sharpness)
    • Handle materials offer comfort and grip, including:
    • Wood (natural beauty and comfortable feel)
    • G10 (synthetic material known for its strength and weather resistance)
    • Leather (classic look and comfortable grip)

How do I choose the right knife for my needs?

Choosing the right knife depends on its intended use. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Purpose: What will you be using the knife for? (Everyday carry, cooking, camping, self-defense, etc.)
  • Blade Size and Weight: Consider portability and the tasks you’ll be using the knife for.
  • Handle Material: Choose a material that offers comfort and a secure grip.

If you’re unsure which knife is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team for personalized recommendations.

How do I properly care for my knives?

Proper knife care extends their lifespan and ensures optimal performance. Here are some general tips:

  • Sharpening: Regularly sharpen your knives using a whetstone or honing steel.
  • Storage: Store your knives in a safe and dry location to prevent rust and damage.

Cleaning: Wash your knives with warm water and soap after each use. Never put them in the dishwasher.

Specific Knife Category Questions:

Kitchen Knives:

Pocket Knives:

  • Are your pocket knives suitable for everyday carry (EDC)? Many of our pocket knives are compact and discreet, making them ideal for everyday carry. However, local laws and regulations might apply, so be sure to check before carrying a knife.
  • What features should I consider when choosing a pocket knife? Consider the blade type (folding, fixed), locking mechanism (liner lock, frame lock), and additional features like bottle openers or screwdrivers.

OTF Knives:

  • Are your OTF knives legal in my area? OTF knife laws vary by location. We highly recommend checking your local laws and regulations before purchasing an OTF knife.
  • How do I safely operate an OTF knife? OTF knives deploy rapidly. Always handle them with care and follow safe knife handling practices. Consider consulting knife safety resources for proper operation techniques.


  • What types of swords do you offer? We offer a variety of swords, including historical replicas, ceremonial pieces, and decorative swords.
  • Are your swords intended for collection or decorative purposes? Our swords are primarily for collection or decorative purposes. If you’re interested in practicing swordsmanship, we recommend consulting with qualified professionals for proper training and safety gear.

Survival Knives:

  • What features are important in a survival knife? Survival knives should be durable and versatile. Look for features like a full tang construction, thick blade, and functionality for various tasks like chopping, sawing, or creating shelter.
  • Do you offer survival knife kits that include additional tools? Yes, we offer some survival knife kits that include additional tools like fire starters, sharpening stones, or compasses.

Self-Defense Knives:

  • What are the legal considerations for carrying a self-defense knife? (continued) Laws governing self-defense knives vary significantly by location. We strongly advise checking your local laws and regulations before carrying a knife for self-defense purposes. Additionally, self-defense training is highly recommended to ensure proper knife handling and awareness in emergency situations.

Shipping and Returns:

Do you offer domestic and international shipping?

We offer domestic shipping within the United States. For international shipping inquiries, please contact us directly.

What are your shipping costs and timelines?

Shipping costs are calculated at checkout. Processing time is generally one to two days not counting weekends or holidays. Delivery dates are determined by USPS and not Gladewater Knife. See our shipping information page for details, or contact us for a specific quote.

What is your return policy for knives?

Returns are only allowed if a factory defect exists. Our return policy applies to unworn, unsharpened, and unused knives in their original packaging. Restrictions may apply to certain categories like swords. Please refer to our return policy page for complete details.

Customer Service

4. How can I contact customer service?

Our friendly customer service team is happy to assist you with any questions. You can reach us by email with the form below.