15th Century Domed Kettle Miniature Helmet With Stand



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This 15th Century Domed Kettle Miniature Helmet is a stunning piece of craftsmanship, perfectly designed replica of a Medieval Kettle Hat. This helmet was easier and cheaper to make than more complex helmets of the time. It was widely used by foot soldiers and crossbowmen (and sometimes cavalry) across Europe and during the Crusades from the 10th through 15th centuries. The war hat is one of the most common Medieval helmets for the ordinary soldier. It offered the wearer unrestricted situational awareness of the battlefield and good protection from blows and arrows coming from overhead, common threats when fighting on foot and during siege warfare.This miniature has the same look as a full sized Kettle Hat Knight Infantry helmet. This miniature Kettle Helm is crafted from steel, it comes with a wooden mini helmet stand for display. It makes a fine office accessory, paperweight, or a notable defensive upgrade for the garden gnome. Features:Highly Decorative pieceHeight – 9 inches with standMaterial 18 Gauge Mild Steel

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