27″ Super Hero Poly Leviathan Decorative Cosplay Costume Shield

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Now for the first time in history has this shield been made adult-size, This 27 Inches Length x 24 Inches Width  Replica Shield, looks just like the real thing. Absolutely beautiful, prepare to be blown away the second you hold our accurate Shied reproduction. Flawless painting and style on this shield. This shield is multi-purpose! It can be mounted on the wall, worn on your arm, and can even hold a Sword while wall mounted for the ultimate SHIELD display! Full size, the thickness ranges from 1/2 to 1 inch. Includes mounting chain, arm band, and handle. This shield come already detailed with paint deco and a premium finishing, detailing, authentic detail.Specification:Overall Length: 27″ Overall Width : 24″Material: High-purity resin with steel wire imbedded insideWeighs: 10 LBS

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