4 Pc Black/Satin Finish Four-Pointed X Throwing Ninja Stars Shuriken



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The incredible four point Black/Satin finish X throwing star is made from heavy, high grade stainless steel. This ninja star is forged and sharpened to have greater mass and supreme balance. This allows the four point shiruken to stick to targets in a deadlier fashion than smaller or lighter throwing stars.This four-point shiruken measures 4.5 inches across and all 4 points are ground to a sharp edge and tip. To make carrying the stars easier, it comes with a black nylon ninja throwing stars case with a belt loop. That way, you’re less likely to cut yourself on your way to your assassination target.SpecificationsYou Will Receive 4 PiecesOverall Diameter: 4.5 inchesBlade Length: 1.5 inchesPoints: 4Star Material: Stainless SteelIncludes: Free Black Nylon Pouch with Belt Loop

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