Blackened Battle Vambraces Steel Bracers

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The arms are one of the more vulnerable parts of the body in a medieval melee, particularly where multiple combatants are concerned. This pair of steel arm bracers will go with a large range of period outfits and weapons. The Blackened Battle Vambraces have a simple, yet appealing design. They feature a black polished finish. The braces are affixed to the arm with a pair of integrated leather straps and antiqued steel buckles. Being fully functional vambraces, they are incredible for SCA events as well as LARP battles or to complete your costume at the next Renaissance Festival.SpecificationsOverall Length: 10.5 InchesCircumference (at wrist): 6.5 inchCircumference (at elbow): 11 inchMaterial: 18 gauge steel and genuine leatherIncludes: Right and Left ArmMaterials18 gauge steel and genuine leatherFeatures:Cut out at inner elbow for freer movementDetailed edging with ridges and rivetsLarge diameter for fit over padding and chainmailGreat for LARP and costume activitiesSold as a pair

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