CSB625TWZ – Tim Wells Blowgun

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Cold Steel Tim Wells Signature Series Slock Master Blowgun Tim Wells is one of the most skilled primitive hunters on the planet. He has summoned the nerve and put his life on the line on countless occasions. Taking down large dangerous game armed with little more than a spear, bow or knife. While Tim is best known for his exploits as a bow hunter, he is also highly skilled with the blowgun, and has used our Cold Steel Big Bore Blowguns to dispatch prey all over the world. This signature special edition Blowgun was built to Tim’s exact specifications. It features a newly designed grip with integral mouthpiece and hand-guard for extra comfort both when shooting the Blowgun and using it as a hiking staff. A secondary rubber fore-end provides increased hold and stability when making precision shots. Easily disassembled for storage and carry, the new Tim Wells signature edition blowgun is a must for any hunter!

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