DZS Rechargeable Self Defense Mini Stun Gun With LED FlashLight



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Measuring a mere 4″ tall , 2 3/4″ wide and 3/4″ thick, this stun gun is so small that it can be easily concealed inside a pocket or purse. However, do not be fooled by its small size. This mini stun gun is able to deliver a shocking 10 million volts and 4.8 milliamps of electricity. Just a few seconds of contact from this stun gun will deliver a powerful electrical surge that will impair your attacker for a good five to ten minutes. To prevent accidental use of this powerful weapon, the stun gun is equipped with a safety switch. To charge, simply plug in the included USB cable to the stun gun and connect it to a wall outlet. On top of that, the Day Zero Survival Stun Gun has built-in battery indicator lights that let you know how much power is left in it and has a 100 lumen LED flashlight for illuminating dark areas. In addition to carrying it in a pocket or purse, you may also hold it in the included nylon holster which has a belt loop for hands-free carrying. Features:10,000,000 million volts of electricity4.8 milliamps compared to typical 1-3 milliamp stun guns4″ tall to easily fit in pockets or pursesSafety switch prevents accidental shockBuilt-in 100 lumen flashlightRechargeable with included USB cableBattery indicator lights ensure it is always chargedIncludes a nylon holster with belt loop for easy carryingDimensions: 4″ Tall x 2 3/4″ Wide x 3/4″ Thick

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