DZS Small Pen Sized 6 Inches Rechargeable Stun Gun Blue

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If a regular pen is mightier than the sword just think how effective the new DZS Pen Stun Gun will be in protecting you from an attacker! In the past, stun pens have been big and bulky and looked nothing like an actual pen. The Pen is the most realistic looking stun pen ever produced. Its sleek design gives you the ability to carry and use it discretely so the bad guy wouldn’t know that you have a high tech self-defense product until it is too late! The metal clip on the top of the unit holds it firmly in place in your pocket, purse or backpack so you always know right where it is. The LED battery status indicator lights display the charge level so you will never be caught off guard without a full charge.Specifications:Product Length: 6-3/16″Product Width: 5/8″Includes Rechargeable battery with USB charger

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