DZS Tactical LED Self Defense Stun Gun Baton Rechargeable

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Day Zero Survival Tactical LED Stun Gun Baton has 9 million volts Stun Technology for an extremely loud and vibrant discharge. The built-in flashlight uses a 3 watt CREE LED bulb that’s 140-lumens and has 5 settings: 100%, 50%, 30%, strobe, and SOS. The SOS signal will help search and rescue locate you more efficiently when in a life or death emergency. The baton is approximately 17 inches long with a military grade shock proof exterior and rubberized armor for a no-slip grip. Included is wall charger with metal clip. 9 million volts of extreme stopping power for maximum baton protection Baton doubles as a 140-lumen tactical flashlight Bulb lifespan lasts over 100,000 hours Five light modes include: 100%, 50%, 30%, strobe, and S.O.S SOS setting helps search and rescue locate you faster in emergencies Military grade shock proof exterior Rubberized armor protects the unit and ensures a firm grip Stainless steel for easy carry Rechargeable with cord plugs directly into wall outlet Measures approx. 17″ long

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