Golden Knights Templar Crusader Dagger



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For those who prefer a bit of detail when it comes to their medieval daggers, the Golden Knights Templar Crusader Dagger is a great option to check out. Made from stainless steel, this decorative medieval knight dagger features a double-edged blade. It has a central ridge. The Crusader dagger continues with a cruciform crossguard. At the ends of the guard, there are small helmet tips. In the center, the guard features a different helmet design. It depicts a cross in the center and ventilation holes below. This central design has red detailing. The Templar knight dagger continues with a black, barrel-shaped grip. Then, it ends with a disk-shaped pommel. The pommel has a recessed red cross design. Finally, this dagger comes with a black scabbard. It has silver-colored chape and throat. The chape looks like a shield, while the throat looks like a knights helmet. The helmet has a red cross on the cheek. Features:Completely decorativeFeatures a helmet motifHas red cross detailingComes with a scabbardGreat for costumes and decorMaterials:Blade is stainless steelMeasurements:Overall Length: 15.75 InchesBlade Length: 9.5 InchesHandle Length: 5.5 InchesMeasurements are approximate.

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