InstaFire Pink Personal Defense Pepper Spray 1/2 oz With Activewear Hand Sleeve



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The fastest pepper spray release on the market built for runners, joggers and people with an active lifestyleThe quickest, most convenient pepper spray unit is now available in the Guard Dog InstaFire. Ideal for walkers, runners, joggers and anyone wanting quick and instant protection, InstaFire is a lightweight, non-abrasive sleeve that swiftly glides into the palm of your hand. The active wear material stretches comfortably to any hand size, positioning the Guard Dog red hot pepper spray in your palm for immediate use, without feeling bulky. The Guard Dog 18% pepper spray is ready for use within a fraction of a second with the twist of your naturally poised thumb. InstaFire ensures the spray does not fall or break loose, regardless of the movement and position.Guard Dog’s pepper spray delivers a fiery stream up to 12 feet, with reduced wind blow back. This unit entails the same ingredients used by police and military worldwide. The pepper spray unit includes Guard Dog’s exclusive Protected 4 Life program, allowing free replacements in the event use.Lightweight pepper spray hand sleeveAllows for quickest, most accessible spray on the marketIdeal for joggers, runners and walkersFits naturally into the palm of your hand for comfort and quick fireSpray doesn’t fall out in any positionConvenient and non abrasive feelIncludes the hottest spray on the market, Guard Dog 18% OC pepper spray w/ UV dyeTwist top for quick open and comfort lock to prevent accidental dischargeFires up to 12 feetLaboratory testedOne size fits allRight or left handed capabilitiesAvailable in black, blue, pink and redPremium Guard Dog packagingIncludes Guard Dog exclusive Protected 4 Life programU.S. Patent 5,971,240Active Ingredients & Their Purpose:18% Oleoresin Capsicum (Red Pepper) Use: The primary ingredient which causes the “burn” factor from the sprayInvisible UV Dye Use: After spraying, this causes an “invisible” dye on the assailants which enables law enforcement to successfully identify the victim in the case the victim attempts to wash off the substance.New & Exclusive! Guard Dog Protected 4 Life Program Receive FREE pepper spray for life with purchase of this product from online or any Guard Dog authorized retailer. Free pepper spray replacement for life in the event of use. We care.

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