M160-A1 M14 M1 Garand Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle Scale 1:1 Real Bolt Metal Core



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This M160-A1 rifle RIS Airsoft sniper rifle combines HIGH POWER and LOW PRICE. The rifle comes Standard with an integrated rail system (RIS) , . Build quality consists of a METAL barrel, METAL bolt, METAL operating rod, and METAL rear site with an ABS plastic body shell. The Adjustable Hop-Up, long precision barrel, and sniper-rifle grade spring pre-installed from the manufacturer ensure power and accuracy at up to 42 YARDS !! Package includes: Rifle, rails, magazine, BB speedloader, clearing rod, safety goggles, and Sling.Features: Shooting Mode: Manual / Spring METAL Barrel / METAL Bolt / METAL Operating Rod / METAL Rear Site Red Dot Scope and LED Flashlight Included Firing Modes:Manual / Safety Velocity: 360-400 FPS with .12 gram BBs / 270-295 FPS with .20 gram BBs Ammo:0.12g 6mm BB or .20 6mm BB Magazine Capacity: 37 Rounds Hop-up: Adjustable Net Weight: 6.5 lb Shell Meterial:ABS Plastic Length: 44.5 inches long Contents: Rifle, magazine, protective goggle, clearing rod for jammed bb’s, sling, BB Speed Loader, and instruction manual

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