Medieval Knight Gothic Style Functional Armor Gauntlets



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Pair of plate armor Gauntlets! Protect the hands, wrists, and parts of the arm with these steel Gothic Style Gauntlets. They are easy to wear and allow full range of motion with the hands, fingers, and wrists. Each finger is covered in steel scales, riveted together in a flexible fashion. The wrists also have layered steel providing full range of motion. Each gauntlet is secured with genuine leather straps over suede gloves. They can be worn over gloves or possibly with bare hands. They cover the outside of hands, the wrist, and the first 6 inches of the lower arm. Gauntlets are important in hand-to-hand combat as both protection, and as a weapon. The tops of these gauntlets feature protrusions that could quickly double as melee knuckle dusters for instant action. They are designed to fit adult sizes. The exterior surface is oiled to preserve the steel, while the interior is coated in black lacquer.  Specifications:Overall Length: 15 InchesConstruction: Layers of Riveted Scales Straps: Genuine Suede LeatherSteel: Functional Carbon Steel Gauge: 18gSurface: Polished & Oiled Exterior, Lacquered InteriorCoverage: Fingers, Hands, Wrists, Lower Arms Range: Full Range of Motion for Hands

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