Medieval Scottish Claymore Sword With Scabbard



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A claymore is one of the most popular Scottish swords. It is also among the greatest swords of all time. This Medieval Scottish Claymore Sword is a great replica sword and has everything you want in your swords. For collectors and enthusiasts, this is a must-have sword. You can’t be a real enthusiast if you don’t have a claymore in your arsenal. The sword has a pommel, a hilt, and a guard. Medieval era produced some fantastic swords, and this is one of them. It comes with a nice wooden scabbard with rexine wrapped to carry it easily. It is an excellent sword for decor and display purposes as well.  This Medieval Scottish Claymore Sword is an ideal cosplay sword too. It does not have a sharp blade and hence it is safe for role-play, LARP and reenactment. You can use it for Halloween costume purposes. In addition, it can be used in the movies and theatrical production. It is inspired from 15th and 16th century medieval swords. This Medieval Scottish Claymore Sword deserves a place in your medieval collection. It is a huge sword with an overall length of 49.5 inches. The blade is around 38.5 inches while the handle is just around 4.5 inches. There is a carbon steel blade while a wooden handle. Specifications:Overall Length:  49.5 InchesBlade Length: 38.5 InchesHandle Length:  4.5 InchesScabbard Length: 40.5 InchesBlade Material: High Carbon Steel (Unsharpened)Handle Material: WoodScabbard Material: Wood with Rexine Wrapped

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