Medieval Suede Leather Glove with 18G Plate Steel Chainmail Gauntlets Leather

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This is the Medieval Suede Leather Polished 18 Gauge Plate Steel Chainmail Gauntlets. The hands are one of the most critical and easily injured part of the human body during combat. Gauntlets provided very good protection of the hands, and varied from chainmail to plate armor varieties. This example features a heavy duty black suede leather gauntlet, on top of which chainmail is sewn onto the finger and back of the palm area. From the wrist to the forearm, it is covered by 18 gauge steel plates. Because of its vertical and horizontal weave, it makes this prized possession flexible to bend but yet sturdy enough not to break. This style of gauntlet offers the best of both chainmail and plate armor, with easy to maneuver finger and wrist area, with the added protection and rigidity of plate armor along the forearms.Features:6MM Round ring Leather gloves included 

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