Medieval Visored Barbuta Helmet

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Barbute helmets did not have visors, although the needs of the warrior are what dictate the evolution of the helm. This Visored Barbuta Helmet is as protective as a typical barbute and then-some, thanks to the visor. The barbute, or barbuta, was originally designed in medieval Italy, although because of how effective and useful the helmet was, it spread to other regions as well. This helmet alters the typical design of a barbute by including a protective visor. The visor is distinctive in design, possessing two rectangular eyelets, as well as a cross-shaped cut-out for air ventilation. On the right side of the helm is a small hook that latches the visor down, while the temples feature small pins and chains that secure the visor to the helmet. This means that the visor can be rotated up or to the side, or it can be removed entirely. The helmet is crafted from 18 gauge steel and features an incredible looking polished finish. The interior of the helmet features a liner, both for comfort and for making small adjustments to size. Features:Polished FinishA Traditional Italian Barbute With A New TouchFeatures a Removable, Rotating VisorOffers a Great Level of ProtectionWooden Display Stand Included.Materials:Made from 18-gauge galvanized mild steelFittings made from top-grain leatherAdjusted Leather Liner with ChinstrapMeasurement:Helmet Dimension 11.5 x 10 x 8.9 Inches

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