Red Rhinestone DZS Rechargeable Self Defense Mini Bling Stun Gun

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This gorgeous red bling rhinestone mini stun gun if perfect for safety minded fashionista. The beauty measures 3.75 x 1.5 x 1 Inches and comes with a convenient nylon case with a belt loop, so you can carry this compact stun gun in purse, pocket, backpack or on a belt for protection at a moments notice. With the power of 10 millions volt of electricity emitting from this stun gun you can easily bring any assailant to his knees. On top of that, it also produce’s arc sparks and crackling sounds that are intimidating enough to to stop any potential attacker before they even begin. Added protection is provided by the safety switch and red LED on/off indicator that prevents accidental usage, so you are less likely to discharge the stun gun on yourself. Features:Stylish rhinestone design turns your mini stun gun into a fashionable accessory, making it the best stun gun for women, men, and night shift workersLED light to illuminate any area you may need to use your stun gun flashlightLong-lasting, built-in rechargeable battery with wall charging (cable included, plugs into standard outlets)Nylon Carrying Case With Belt LoopStun Button is separate from flashlight buttonStun Gun mode can be turned off and just be used as a regular flashlightSpecifications:Height: 1 InchesLength: 3.75 InchesWidth:   1.5 Inches

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