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Smith’s point of purchase counter display is the perfect way to sell our 2-Step Knife Sharpeners. Place it by your cash register or on the counter next to your knives and see “impulse buying” at work. The clear plastic container holds 24 2-Step Knife Sharpeners. Each comes with its own individual key chain that includes sharpening instructions and UPC code.

Smith’s 2-Step Knife Sharpener features two tungsten carbide blades with pre-set angles to ensure the perfect edge every time. Three or four strokes through the carbide sharpening slots will restore the edge on a very dull knife. The two crossed ceramic rods also have pre-set angles and provide a smooth finished edge to already sharp knives. It is lightweight, portable, comes with a lanyard hole, and has non-slip rubber feet for added safety. Excellent for use on all types of knives, especially filet knives.

Product Features

Manual Features:

  • Counter Display Promotes Impulse Buying
  • Crossed Carbide Blades Provide Quick Edge Setting
  • Crossed Ceramic Rods Provide a Razor Sharp Edge
  • Preset Sharpening Angles Provide Guaranteed Results
  • Clear Plastic Container Holds 24 2-Step Sharpeners
  • Key Chain for Carrying

Abrasive: Coarse Carbide / Fine Ceramic – 800 Grit

Product Instructions

Sharpening Instructions:

  • Insert Knife blade into the slot at a 90-degree angle to the sharpener.
  • Pull you knife blade straight back towards you while applying light pressure.
  • Repeat this action until blade is sharp.

Care: Always clean your sharpener after use. Rinse with water and towel dry.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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