Spartan AUS10A

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Designed by celebrated custom knife maker Andrew Demko, our Spartan is one of our most popular folding knives. The Spartans super-sharp blade is made from Japanese AUS10A Steel, and was designed to echo the aesthetics and cutting performance of the world famous Kukri. Its distinctive Kopis-inspired handle is precision injection molded out of grivix with heat treated steel liners, and this, in addition to our famous tryad lock, makes for a knife that is incredibly safe and secure. The Spartan also features the patented Demko thumb plate, which can be used to open the knife like a conventional inchone handed opener inch or be snagged on the edge of a pocket during the draw stroke and opened at lightning speed!&return&&newline&Specifications:&return&&newline&WEIGHT: 9 oz.THICKNESS: 4mmHANDLE: 6 inch Long grivix™ with Steel FittingsSTEEL / MATERIAL: Japanese AUS10AOVERALL: 10 1/2 inchADDITIONAL FEATURE: Ambidextrous Pocket / Belt Clip (Battle Gear)

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