Tsugikuni Yoriichi Anime Demon Slayer Cosplay Umbrella Automatic Folding

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Umbrella handle adopts weapon handle design with exquisite patterns cast. Our umbrellas stand out in terms of durability. Sturdy and windproof umbrella-Umbrellas made of silver aluminum are lightweight but durable and can withstand wind and rain. The waterproof coating makes it dry quickly, and the umbrella is also easy to dry.Features:Necessary for rainy days or big sun. The automatic umbrella can be opened with the push of a button to prevent you from getting wet. UV protection-an extra layer is added to form this UV umbrella, use this umbrella to keep it cool and free from harmful UV rays!The umbrella is made of 16 reinforced aluminum alloys, with a metal shaft, a sturdy roof and a sturdy handle, which can be used for many years. The Velcro strap can be closed nicely when closed.Its non-slip handle also allows you to hold it in your hand. If you need a reliable umbrella for everyday use, this is a very good choice. It can be used as an excellent gift for anime fans, family or friends, very suitable for display and collection.Dimensions:Overall length is about 41 inchesThe umbrella diameter is 44 inchesThe weight is only 1.6 pounds, it is an excellent choice for you to carry.

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