ColdSteel – MAA Messer Sword

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Designed by Luke LaFontaine and Dave Baker, ColdSteel's new one-handed Messer is a sword that just has to be held to be appreciated! This modern interpretation of the historical German Langes Messer (or Long Knife) is beautifully balanced and a joy to use. Thinner and lighter than many of our current offerings, it handles almost like a giant Bowie Knife! Its clip-point style blade is fully sharpened on the primary edge, with an un-sharpened “false edge' terminating in a sturdy upswept point. The Messer's stylish and functional cross-guard, knuckle bow and pronounced shell-shaped “Nagel' are also blued to match the blade and enhance the rich brown of the rosewood handle scales. Complete with a black leather scabbard with blued fittings, this beautiful new addition to our Man at Arms series has already become a firm favorite with our crew, and we're sure it will be a popular addition to your collection!


  • WEIGHT 30.9 oz.
  • THICKNESS 1/5"
  • HANDLE 6"
  • STEEL/MATERIAL 1090 High Carbon
  • OVERALL 42 1/4"
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURE Leather Scabbard with Blued Fittings

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 4 in


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