Kris Ti-Lite Folding Knife 4″ Japanese AUS-10A Kris Blade, FDE Griv-Ex

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Cold Steel’s Ti-Lite Blades/Folding Knives evoke the sleek speed and rebellious lines of the classic 1950’s switchblade. Often imitated, but never equaled, the Ti-Lite (designed by the late, great Phil Boguszewski) is a masterpiece of performance and style. The Ti-Lites are equipped with Cold Steel’s stainless-steel leaf spring locks (proven, in our tests, to hold upwards of 145 lbs). For ease of carry, the Ti-Lites come equipped with a small, but unobtrusive steel pocket clip, and can be opened rapidly by using the thumb studs or by snagging a quillon on the edge of your pocket as you draw your knife out. Fans of the Ti-Lite series knives are sure to be enthused by the arrival of the Kris styled blades. Available with four-inch or six-inch plain edged blades, and a six-inch serrated version. The handles are made of Griv-Ex in flat dark earth color.

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