OTF0627 – Spear Point OTF Tactical Dbl. Edge Black Carbon Fiber Handle



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Spear Point OTF Knife Out The Front Tactical Straight Edge Black Carbon Fiber Handle

Push the swift and beautiful blade out the front via a forced-assisted-action lever and let it charge your spirit with vigor! Assist the blade back in via pushing the same assisted lever again and like magic, the blade swiftly disappears. The two-toned blade is a spear point (or dagger point) profile with a symmetrical design, with straight blade, and is sharpened on both sides. The action features a safety to prevent accidentally opening the blade out against an object, which renders the action neutralized. To re-activate the action, push the lever up and pull on the blade and the knife will operate again with the same swift in-out action. The Spear Dagger Point OTF Knife also features a tactical glass breaker and pocket clip.

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Weight 0.4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in


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