Rajah 2 (10A)

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A good Kukri is outstanding multi-purpose tool that’s able to cut, chop, slice and shear through even the toughest materials. Designed by custom knife maker Andrew Demko, the ColdSteel Rajah series has proven to be both fan favorites and instant classics!Available in two sizes, their unique blade shape presents their thin, flat ground edges at just the right angle so they naturally bite deep, making cuts that way exceed other knives of the same size and weight. The Rajah handle also shares similar aesthetic lines and design nuances with traditional Kukris, with the addition of strategically placed curves for optimum grip and control.We’ve also equipped the Rajah series with our world renowned tryad locking mechanism, which has proven itself again and again to be amazingly strong and shock resistant. Try our Rajah series today and experience for yourself the power of a Kukri that can fit in your pocket!


WEIGHT: 13.4 oz.
HANDLE: 8″ Long grivix™
STEEL / MATERIAL: Japanese AUS10A with Stone Wash Finish
ADDITIONAL FEATURE: Stainless Pocket / Belt Clip

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Weight 0.9 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 3 in


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