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Slang Blade is a 100 grain 4-inch mechanical broadhead. Simply put this broadhead is amazing! Other mechanical broadheads open on impact causing a loss of kinetic energy, whereas the Slang Blade enters the skin at 7/8″ and then opens to a true 4″ thus saving that energy for the tougher tissue & bone. At a true 4”, fully opened, you will get a blood trail like no other and your game will expire much faster. Marginal shots become good kill shots! Made from high-quality surgical steel these blades are practically indestructible. At .05” thick they are the thickest on the market and are easily re-sharpened. Are you shooting a crossbow? With other 4″ broadheads you need to use long shafts to be able to pull back over the riser. Not with the Slang Blade! Simply remove your existing broadhead and replace it with the Sland Blade and you’re ready to go! Great for all species: Deer, elk, bear, turkey you name it we’ve killed it! Perfect flight: The Slang Blade has been tested at 100 yards and found to be accurate with tight groups. Open, the Slang Blade is accurate up to 25 yards before trailing off. Not recommended.

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